Security at Overwatch

We take security seriously and are proud to exceed the industry standard when it comes to protecting your organisation.

Manage your team

Invite your team to Overwatch and make sure only the people you want to interact with are on your system.

Facility specific

Your team’s data is accessed and stored separately from other organisations making sure your data is personal to you.

Assign permissions

Invite team members to your studies and assign access with simple read-only or write rules.

Point in time backups

Your data is backed up to multiple regions to prevent a single point of failure leading to data loss.

Data encryption

Overwatch supports the latest recommended secure protocols to encrypt all traffic in transit. Team and user data is encrypted at rest.


We place strict controls over our employee access to your data. It will not be seen by anyone who does not have access to it.

More questions?

If you would like more information contact us or read more on our policies: Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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