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Technical Information

  • Log in via the Overwatch website or Single Sign-On
  • Reset Overwatch account password
  • Action menu
  • Access the experiment dashboard by clicking the Overwatch logo
  • Access the Tasks section
  • Create a new study
  • Access the Manage Team section
  • Access Account Management settings Study dashboard
  • Create a new study
  • View current or archived studies
  • Search and filter archived studies by study type
  • Select created or invited studies


  • Filter animal table columns by animal attributes
  • Filter animal table data by animal attributes
  • Search by Animal or Cage ID
  • Sort through paginated animals
  • Choose the amount of animals per page (up to )
  • Select a specific amount of animals and assign batch actions
  • Study sub navigation menu
  • A secondary navigation to access animals, cages, groups, settings and export options
  • Collapse or expand the action menu Cages
  • Display cages selected in Show menu
  • Show cages in one or two columns
  • Filter cage animals by animal attributes
  • Rename a cage and have a QR code automatically generated to reflect
  • Create new animals in a designated cage
  • Delete an animal from a cage
  • Move animals to a new cage
  • Create new cages

Study groups

  • Visualize study group data as mean, individual spider plot data or Kaplan-Meier survival curve
  • Switch between visualized study metrics
  • Switch between Absolute and Relative data
  • Toggle display of visualized treatment groups
  • Zoom in and out of graph visualizations
  • Hover over data points to display numeric values
  • Download any graph format


  • Update study-specific data such as calculations
  • Invite new team members
  • Assign or update permissions
  • Change repeating unique identifiers for animals in a study
  • Edit study information notes
  • Add, edit or delete treatment groups
  • Change maximum amount of animals used in a treatment group
  • Change task templates used in the study
  • Change the date in which tasks are created from
  • Change thresholds at which the user is alerted (e.g body weight loss)
  • Archive a study so it becomes read-only for users
  • Delete a study permanently


  • Export raw data in .xls format
  • Export study group reports (including normalised values)


  • View the previous or next days’ tasks by clicking the left or right arrow
  • Choose a future or previous date from a calendar view
  • View a relevant study in a task by clicking its name
  • Set the associated time of a task status
  • Assign the task to a new user invited to a study
  • Task Templates
  • Add a new template
  • View a template
  • Sort through paginated entries
  • Sort by ascending or descending orders
  • Choose the amount of entries per page (up to )
  • Edit template names
  • Edit task frequency (daily, weekly, custom)
  • Edit task name
  • Delete a template
  • Search by template names

Study customisation

  • Enter study information including study name and user permissions
  • Enter cage IDs, number of animals per cage and attributes such as date of birth and gender
  • Enter treatment group names and number of animals per group
  • Assign task templates for reproducible studies
  • Assign notification thresholds
  • Bulk actions
  • Add measurements
  • Choose data to capture
  • Connect instruments such as balances
  • Search by Animal ID or scan animal RFID tag
  • Toggle auto-capture of measurements
  • Record observation after saving
  • Other actions
  • Assign animals to a group
  • Remove animals from a group
  • Change animal IDs in bulk
  • Assign animals as deceased
  • Adding animals to treatment groups

Overwatch Randomisation

  • Reroll the randomisation algorithm to show different outcomes Animal profile
  • View the previous or next animal by clicking the left or right arrow
  • Toggle between First or Latest %Change in measurements
  • Show or hide the assigned treatment group
  • Record an observation
  • Remove the animal from its treatment group
  • Set a tracking date
  • Move the animal to another cage
  • Euthanize the animal
  • View the animal settings
  • Add a measurement to the current animal profile
  • Choose the displayed metrics in the animal profile graph
  • View previous measurements
  • Edit previous measurements (originals will still be logged)


  • Assign sample ID automatically or enter an alternative ID
  • Select sample type
  • Assign sample metrics (weight, volume etc)
  • Select storage conditions
  • Enter other relevant sample notes
  • Visualize and query samples in the Overwatch database
  • Overwatch importer
  • Import data from any external instrument
  • Map rows and columns to relevant labels within Overwatch
  • Confirm the correct format and assign data to the relevant animals