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Less spreadsheets. More research.

We’ve built a new kind of lab assistant. One that automates the most repetitive parts of your workflow and lives on all your devices.

Overwatch Research in vivo demo video preview

Team permissions

Invite your team to an experiment or offer your customers read-only access so they can get up-to-the minute readings from a study.

Instant data capture

Say goodbye to transcription errors. Optional hardware integrations turbo charge your data entry whilst ensuring experimental integrity.

Study groups

Set up study groups once and let Overwatch take care of the rest by automatically collecting and visualising your data.

Instant export

Export your data from Overwatch at any time into a usable report at the click of a button.

The best in vivo study software for your lab.

Let’s talk about how Overwatch can help you spend less time on spreadsheets and more time researching.

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Overwatch Research in vivo demo video preview