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The most reproducible preclinical research begins with Overwatch.

All-in-one experimental tracking software for in vivo research. Save time, reduce error and increase collaboration in your lab. Designed by scientists, for scientists.

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Trusted by leading innovative drug development teams

Overwatch customers
Overwatch customers
Overwatch customers
Overwatch customers
Overwatch customers
Overwatch customers

Better accuracy

Faster, more accurate data collection and analysis

We are committed to helping solve the global reproducibility crisis that is currently plaguing the preclinical industry.

  • Repeatable study design
  • Automated data collection
  • Unbiased randomization

More efficient

Automate boring, repetitive and error prone tasks

Basic everyday tasks such as measuring animal weights take a significant amount of skilled-worker time.

Through both software and hardware integrations Overwatch can enable substantial time savings enabling scientists to focus on what matters.

Increased collaboration

Say goodbye to cluttered inboxes and spreadsheets

Study information is often scattered amongst notebooks and spreadsheets, hindering your team’s ability to collaborate efficiently.

Overwatch brings all of your studies into a centralized platform that can be accessed by your colleagues at any time.

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“I preferred plain old Excel over everything else I’ve tried prior to Overwatch. The customer attention is unbelievable!”

“I have been using Overwatch for the last twelve or so months after being in the industry for over 30 years.

I’ve used many of the different in vivo packages available from other companies for collecting data. Overwatch is the first one that I really enjoy working with.

The ease at which the software can be set up for studies, its intuitiveness while collecting data and the readiness of the exported files has made my paperwork disappear.

Honestly, I preferred plain old Excel over everything else I’ve tried prior to Overwatch. The customer attention is unbelievable!”

  • Scott Wardwell
  • Scientist II
  • Blueprint Medicines
Yeon Sook Choi

Overwatch is very user friendly, well organized and is easy to navigate. The software really helps reduce work time and also provides useful functional tools for efficient and reliable in vivo studies. In addition, the staff respond well to any questions and work hard to provide solutions to any requests I might have.

  • Yeon Sook Choi
  • Scientist II
  • Blueprint Medicines
Quinn Walker

Overwatch is a fantastic, high quality tool for managing in vivo experiments in the vivarium. The ways Overwatch allows me to customize a study significantly improves workflow.

  • Quinn Walker
  • Senior Research Associate
  • Lyell Immunopharma
Lukas Stanczuk

Overwatch Research helped us to improve our in vivo workflow and data management. Very intuitive interface and a highly responsive support team.

  • Lukas Stanczuk
  • Senior Scientist II
  • Autolus

Providing great customer support

Whether it’s responding to feedback, solving problems or discussing new functionality, we pride ourselves on our availability to resolve customer issues or queries on both sides of the Atlantic.

68 seconds

Average response time throughout 2020*

100% resolution

All customers contacting us had their query resolved.*

10 timezones

We support customers all over the globe.

*Supplied by Intercom

ISO 27001 compliant

Ensuring your data is handled with security and confidence

As part of our ongoing commitment to information security, threat analysis and minimizing vulnerabilities in our software, Overwatch is ISO 27001 certified.

Research teams using Overwatch today

Pharmaceutical and biotechs

Large pharma and biotech laboratories create a competitive edge whilst empowering their researchers using Overwatch. They increase reproducible science whilst solving regulatory needs with a transparent audit trail studywide.

Contract Research Organisations

CROs speed up their workflows and increase value proposition to their clients by producing reliable scientific results. They save study directors valuable time by generating succinct client reports at the click of a button.

Academic institutions

Faculties across the world take advantage of our educational discount and reduce the time spent performing repetitive tasks. This gives academic scientists of all levels the freedom to fulfil other research obligations.

Improving animal welfare with the help of Dr. Simon Doherty

Simon is a past president of the British Veterinary Association, a senior lecturer at Queen’s University and a valued advisor to Overwatch. He provides direction on features which impact and improve animal welfare, including notifications and observations ensuring that our approach is in alignment with regulations while making the process as simple and intuitive as possible.

Approved by Dr. Simon Doherty BVA

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